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Learning Japanese

^^^^^^^^^^^PRACTICING JAPANESE MUST READS!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

1) Please be considerate of the hours and sleepless nights I KID YOU NOT and effort that I put into all of this! I really hope that others share my love and freakish? drive to learn other languages and this may be somewhere to start.

2) I've been getting weird e-mails concerning downloads and bandwidth oh fun. So, my keep&share account's max daily bandwidth is 200mb which resets every 24hrs. If the download isn't working for you, try downloading it again tomorrow. If not just leave me a message. I'm addressing this because I've been getting an error message for someone trying to download one of the PPTs a total of 6 times. O_o   Dedication, right there.

3) If you find any "dead" links, please tell me! I've tampered with the links previously but they should all be live now! I'm also known to put files under the wrong title, please tell me of those too! If there's no hyperlink, then I'm still in the process of making it.

4) If there are any learning points or culture-oids (as I'd like to call it) that you'd like to learn more about please leave a memo too~! I am always in need of ideas for powerpoints.

5) The tables are pretty big so I LJ cut the whole thing since it's taking up a lot of scroll space which annoys me. No I haven't removed them XD

^^^^^^^^^^^PRACTICING JAPANESE MUST READS!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

With love, enjoy~! ♥

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せいこう  は  あなた  しだい  です!!!



[KHR Fanfics]

I'm using the ever so helpful function called "Date Out of Order" and sending this entry to the future XD. Essentially, it's a list of my KHR fanfictions up until this point.

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Yes, I'm actually making an effort to try and use this site. Although frankly, I know not what to say...

This is awkward....

White Purity


*runs away*


It's always a tad unsettling to log in again and find lines upon lines of people posting spam on your blog.

Anyway, I'm only here to update a few links. The ratio of me being on a website is directly related to the the websites tendency of logging me out. As such, I typically am found in and around Tumblr and Fanfiction (yes, they have a new interface that doesn't log you out) Wow.

If you're on tumblr you probably recognize me from posting lengthy character analyses on KHReborn! and if you're a constant resident of the KHR fanfiction world and have been for a few years now, you'll know me as "Hey! It's that writer who finally got off her lazy bum to finish her stories!"


Basically I'm just here to update links and selfish promotion.


Tumblr: kitsunefreak.tumblr.com

Arbitrary Post :)

Because I love them.

That, and the fact that I really don't know what to say at the moment. With a new and ready-to-go Adobe X Pro installed on my computer, I shouldn't be having any more converting issues, now if I can just get my lazily busy college bum on the job. XD

Going home for the 3day weekend~! Sure it's a 5 hour drive (10 roundtrip) but I can handle it. Besides, I can always use the time to study for my Math midterm and Chemistry quiz. Shoot me please |l'OTL

Fun times. I keep telling myself that I will look back on this week and laugh. Probably around December. Yeah...

LyricsTranslate.com seems to have found me a new friend. I only realize in hindsight that she's e-mailed me at least 3 times, but I only replied to the last one. Sure it was in Chinese, but the interface was German and I sorta kinda put it in my "aahhh I'll read it later" list. Cutely enough, she needs help with Spanish so I can do my little bit of linguistic magic there =)

I need to take Chinese as  a class. Probably going to take 1A instead of 1 because I can speak as well as a native but can't read too much. Dx Had a chat with the Chinese 1A professor today and she told me that I'd probably have to wait until next year's fall quarter.... so I'll probably stick to Italian and stash in a Japanese class somewhere in there in the meanwhile.

GOD I NEED FORMAL CLASSES. Self learning doesn't cut it. In fact it bothers meeeeee (TTATT) [coming from the person who provides the powerpoints and worksheets, wow....]

No but it's more of the fact that even with self-learning, you can only learn so much. and THEN there is that freakin' barrier. Like earlier this week we learned an Italian word in context.

FIDANZA: (lit.) engaged

But this word is used to describe just about every couple that's been dating for at least 3 months or so. So if you and your boyfriend are going steady and people use that to describe you..... No, it does NOT mean that you will find a ring on your finger but just the fact that you guys are going pretty steady. Which amuses me because that means (in the spoken word) that you'd be going from one engagement to another if you breakup.

Ahhh, sweet words in cultural context. Yummy.

Counting the Days

Yup. I can't believe I'm already counting the days till I take break~ Phoo!
Only ones I  can look forward to are November 11th and 24th~27th weekend.

Granted I won't be able to meet my parents until the 25th at the latest because my mother's coming back from Taiwan then. But I can wait, plus she'll have news on my favorite cousins!

And I still have 2 more midterms. Granted Italian isn't TOO hard so long as I study and Asian American Studies.....well.... it isn't hard AT ALL, but I'm just a tad behind on the readings. I should catch up on that tomorrow. Lots of community narratives which makes it a fun read but really.... 200+ pages per 2 class days is a lot.

Looking forward to November 22, which
is when my pre-ordered limited edition copy of
Hetalia: Paint it White! will be shipping =)

I'm also quite happy that my mom agreed to let me
spend money on getting Adobe X Pro. I can have total
control over what doc files I can turn into a PDF~
No more middle-man online programs!

A group of JAC (Japanese Anime Club) members and myself sorta kinda branched off to create the Jpop Dance group (we totally plan on getting a cooling name later). First meeting is planned to be Friday between 7~9pm. I hope it goes well? What I really want is to flashmob the 'Bad Apple' dance at the plaza. I'm not sure about the rest of the guys/gals, but HECK YEA I'm all for this.

Buona Notte~


I really want to finish the stroke order worksheets because that's one of the easiest things to do. Sadly, I can't find the link I saved that massively compiled the stroke order images. Blame it on the fact that I didn't transfer all my bookmarks into my new computer. Yeesh! It may take longer to upload now since I need to individually search up each character... which I suddenly realize is quite a massive pain. To be frank, I never thought it would be THIS hard, but meh, oh well, I'll do that later after homework and what not the various necessities of college.

Was jolted out of bed yesterday? Night before yesterday? by a rogue fire alarm. No, we learned soon after, it wasn't a fire drill (AT 12:25 AM NO LESS) but rather someone most likely pulled it and set it off. I shall remain silent on the issue. If you happened to see my Facebook status, let's say I was not pleased....

Oh and reidluver, I updated the worksheets and made some flashcard sets for Italian that I thought you may like since I prepped them for my Italian quiz. I originally set it on private so I wouldn't get lag when I was studying, but we don't need it too much at the moment, since we'll be covering a new section tomorrow. I PM'd the link to ya~ <3

I have another Alzheimer's awareness club meeting today. I really want to go into research and public speaking via the group. I think it's a nice approach to the problem. College is so big, I still kind of have no idea where to start, haha.

Speaking of which, I need more friends.

Clarification: More friends who understand the idea of good, clean, fun. I had so many such friends in high school. Some of my new college peeps fit the "party in college" stereotype too well and it's annoying to have to close my door and blast music to cancel out the noise just to study (although I do appreciate the occasional music that flares up every now and then). I don't know if I'm happy or not, being in a single.

Well, I do know that it gives me a nice peace of mind, so I'll go with quite happy. =)'

Ciao a tutti~

New Plans

Okay, screw the bi-weekly post idea. It ain't gonna work. Changing it to at least once a week. Anyway, things have kinda settled down here (had an epic mood swing in the morning.... didn't even know I HAD mood swings till that moment...). I've gotten a start on the Japanese Katakana practice sheets a moment ago but since cropping demo images and converting to PDF files (since MS doesn't always work for everybody)  usually takes a while, it'll be at least a couple hours before I get the first ones posted. Plus, I'll be doing HW at the same time ("kids, don't try this at home or college, especially college") which will add to the timely fun.

Did I mention I'm learning Italian? No? Well, now you know (:D)

Every time I see a fanfiction notice in my e-mail inbox I feel so BAD. (OAO) People always favorite or put me on alert and I'm just sitting there going "aw crap, I still have that unfinished chapter on Word" but story writing for me is extremely time consuming. (I've also fallen behind on reading KHR, which is primarily my fanfiction foundation for TRAT and CM)  I have no idea how people manage to crank out chapter after chapter. I think it may be something to do with the mindset of "if I plan on posting it better be a good 13+ page masterpiece rather than 4 page crap", but I think some of my readers appreciate it... I hope. DX

Fun trivia on Fanfictions about me:
  • The minimum page goal I set for Clam's Much is 10
  • The minimum page goal I set for To Reach Across time is 13
  • Oneshot's minimum page goal is 6
on Microsoft word, of course =)

Ciao a tutti~!


First official Week 1 of college~ and I hope to be able to update my LJ regularly (really cross my fingers for this). Honestly, I really want to give myself some kind of regular habit since I seem to be horrible at these types of things if they're not enforced by a 3rd-party entity.

Basic "outside-of-work" things on the list include:

  1. updating LJ bi-daily
  2. working on Japanese powerpoints & worksheets
  3. writing up on fanfictions
Well, that's my list at the moment. About the Japanese worksheets.... I'm a little irritated at the fact that Adobe completely removed their "create your own PDF online" function on their website. I had an account and EVERYTHING. Well, it's all gone now and the only sigh of relief that I can breathe is the fact that I saved a copy of all the PDFs that I created on my own flash drive. There aren't any other good PDF makers out there, just converters but that's pointless for my uses. I guess I'll just have to take the long route then DX stupid format on MS is a killer

in other news.... I am quite saddened when it comes to Tokyopop N.A. division closing down. I hope other groups or something will buy their licenses/titles because they have some good stuff (Hetalia! *is shot*). While I'm not an avid shopper of Borders (I'm a B&N person), it's a shame that their closing because of the economic slump lost a major load of business for TP. Well, I may not be that accurate on my economics and other fluff, but that's my understanding of the situation.

Despite the fact that I go to sleep between  10-11pm every weekday college night, I'm subtly suspicious that I barely hit REM level of sleep.It's the only way that I can hear my alarm at like... what? .... 6, 7, 8 am? (depending on what day is). The weather here at LA's hotter than Norcal but there's always a really cold draft between 6pm-11am.

Erm what else? I'm taking Italian but DANG is it hard because I know Spanish XDDD "Come ti chiami?" (What's your name? inf.) becomes "Como te chiames?" And I have trouble pronouncing the "g" like in "orologio" (clock) I always tend to say it the Spanish way.

I'm suddenly feeling very Bianchi today~ XD


Kimi to Zutto by Yu-yu

Request translation from YouTuber: amitetara ===> Music Video
1) The romaji lyrics are what I picked up by ear after listening to it for many many many times not that I minded since I liked the song

2) I translated this with the my self-taught Japanese and had so much AMAZING help from Adrienne (You are the best!). If you see errors, please correct us, we do not wish to be eternally in the dark. That and the fact that next year, I may finally get formal classes which makes me so happy =D

3) * we kept a half-translation since there were oddball words combos we couldn't figure out
*** we had difficulty translating these lines so I omitted them in the translation

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