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Meh, it's been really warm here for the past couple of days. Being a rain person, I do wish for slightly chillier weather.

I don't really have much to say, other than the fact that I just really want to continue the Japanese powerpoints like I used to. No real reason other than the fact that I want to. Although, I will have to somewhat be more creative with my title pages and my endings now that there isn't really a Japanese "club" that I'll be making it for. Ah well, we'll see how it goes.

It's late and I just can't really sleep at the moment so I'm just typing away =D

Good night everybody!

Well that wasn't long at all! xD

おやすみなさい みんなさん~!

Oh Hello World, How I've Missed You

Oh dear good golly gosh~! I have not updated my LJ among other things *cough* stories *cough* in quite a long time. Well, how should I succinctly recap these past length weeks months in 10 easy points?

#1) I've been accepted and will be going to UCLA (yay~ college) in single shared bath dorm which funny enough cuts out your average "college experience" but I could care less

#2) catching up (and convinced my parents to buy with my money) on Hetalia

#3) Attending Anime Expo 2011 (AX11), watched the MikuNoPolis hologram concert I got the band's autographs, sweeeeet <3

#4) suffered a terrifying plague known as Writer's Block (thankfully I'm mostly cured)

#5) Gotten a FaceBook, a DeviantArt, and joined the Hetalia LJ community (yes, in that order) XD

#6) Currently realized the joy in playing Maplestory and Rusty Hearts (the latter joy was realized at AX11)

#7) Suffered mild post-graduation funk from not seeing all my biffles (hey, you definitely make memories at an all girls school 8P)

#8) Marathoned HetaOni with my friends (and RomaHeta, and HetaQuest, and HetaHazard) [Harry Potter 7 Pt2 anyone?]

#9) Realized a few fatal minor flaws in my Japanese guides and PPTs (these will be taken down for a while until I upload the corrected versions

#10) Decided that it is ABOUT TIME for me to say "hello again~!" to the digital world and the friends that I know here (which aren't many I assure you O.o)


Yeah, that would probably nutshell this lengthy hiatus. And now....

BACK TO WORK~ *scribbles on Word*

College Bound and Some Simple Musings

Ooooh~ New interface for the login! I am highly amused.

Anyway, I'm posting this at.... what? 2:48 am in the morning? *checks clock* Yeah, about that time. Well, there are several reasons why I post this entry.

One, is mostly because I haven't been here in a LONG while (=D) and two, because I feel like I just need to muse. It's not an "OMG INSPIRATION" musing. It's more of a rant to myself and hope that it would appease my puzzlement.

Oh and Rolos/Korea, if you're still stalking my LJ... well... I want to say thankies darlin' (even if you don't read the rant)

RantCollapse )


Well, that concludes my rant (if you didn't read it, you don't have to XD). Anyway, graduation-ness is almost over (I still have a few more parties to attend) and that's about it for the summer. Sure I have to get all my college cards / paperwork together but I think it's coming along nicely.

Anime Expo [AX11] is coming up over the July 4th weekend and the Vocaloid Miku's having a concert! (remember that holographic Miku singing? YEAH, THAT ONE). Going to AX11 with my nominal youngest sister Elizabeth (meh, comes with having no siblings. You start absorbing others. At the moment, I've got 1 older and 2 younger sisters). Basically we're going to be living together for a week! (Oh fun, what chaos we'll cause~).

Fanfiction writing is coming along... slower than I expected mostly because my computer's largely been unavailable to me. DX   Well, I'm planning on getting a a customized (red!?) one before college using my scholarship money.

I retrieved all my ceramics pieces form the kiln on Thursday and Friday and my Hibird is complete. Granted, he don't look like no Hibird but well, he's yellow and is capable of flapping (depends of if your definition involves flying XD). I'll post the pictures on DeviantArt (might as well, since I have one) and link it here.

Deviant account is under: http://kitsunefreak.deviantart.com/

Oh~! Which somehow reminds me of HetaOni..... TTATT  I DIDN'T WANNA REMEMBER..... IT'S TOO SAD TTATT
The plot's too awesome and sad and amazing and sad and.... and... INCOMPLETE. (which is the worst part, mind you!) The fanmade RPG only goes up until episode 17 part 1 (what?! Not even the full episode?!) and I marathoned it with 7+ of my girl friends over at a sleepover last Sunday. I cross my fingers that they post soon.

Well, till next time!


Short Mental Break Leads to Theories

So I'm taking a short break from doing my practice AP oral tests in Spanish. Holding conversations in Spanish is not as easy as it sounds -- especially when what the audio track JUST CONTRADICTED what you said in your earlier statement and your mind goes blank... thus implying that you become unable to retract the earlier statement you made... (grr...) I need to at least get a 3 or higher on the AP exam in order to qualify for a non-Spanish language course or exempt taking a language altogether in Spanish, or at least that's what the guy on the phone said.

ANYWAY, I've come across several theories in the past few weeks that are quite amusing/disturbing/odd/etc (take your pic):
  1. We are learning about light and light waves (color spectrum order: ROY G. BIV) in physics these days and while I know that the colors in KHR are related to various elements, I can't help wonder at the choice in ring color. For example, Tsuna's orange is "harmony" and orange has the second most "lackadaisically lazy" (as my physics teacher put it) energy waves. Okay, not too much of a problem. What IS a strange coinkidink is that Yamamoto and Gokudera's colors are complete reverse~ Red is the longest of all waves, therefore, "laziest" while blue is the 2nd strongest and spastic of the waves (Violet is the most XDDD Hibari, oh so true ain't it?). Therefore, it can only make me snicker every time I think of Yamamoto's blue-rain "calming" attributes while Gokudera is all about the spastic "disintegration/break down" attributes. 
  2. Second fact that's been brought to my attention. I'm sneakily suspicious that Amano Akira just trolled everyone again just like the time she trolled us with Asari's cap hidden under the "Daemon's minions" guise. I mean, think about it, Chrome is tied up & chained down when Mukuro comes to the island and possesses her in order to kick some Daemon-butt. Logically, if you were to use a body like that.... you'd pretty much end up in the same ugly mess. Now, while I can tell that a number of fans would either find such a situation disappointing/sexy/kinky/dramatic/surprising Amano is able to briefly have us ignore that minor detail because Mukuro is made of awesome. and we couldn't get the plot to move much? maybe, I don't know
  3. I wonder if the Vendice really need a hobby other than crashing people's parties. I mean, come on, it feels like they've just got an arsenal of people-tanks "for storage purposes, we swear!" XD. It's like a never-ending supply!
The scariest part of looking back on my theories is that a) it's all about KHR and b) I can even make physics references.... XDDDD
Now if only I can link it up with Spanish or Calculus.... hmmm.... ah whatever.

<=== TSUNA~!! =D

^^^ Despite being so awesome in the future, it bothers me that they're all so serious!!! (Gokudera just looks downright depressed/traumatized). And.... Hibari....is happy.... no, I think I'll call that smug

<=== XD Gets me every time. I say he was finally suffering repercussions of jumping out of a helicopter. Hibari! You should know better!



╬ § ≈ Spring Break ≈ § ╬

I'm a little over halfway through my Spring Break. Gosh it feels so short~!

Relaxation has led to overkill in the online MMORPG world OTL
.... it has led to a fanfiction update! (I still need to work on my 2nd fic in order for this point to be a success)
... and some image prowling has led me to procure some fine arts =D


Dang Mukuro, you fine~! (Nope, no bias whatsoever....) <=== Him being also the only person who can make a set of earrings look downright gorgeous sexy? 8D on him as well. [if you don't get it then you haven't read the latest chapter of KHR]. Those earrings are going to be on my list of "things I need to buy...(SOON)"

It's also the first time, I believe, that Gokudera's worn a suit and glasses at the same time
And Tsuna's just as cool-looking as ever.

I don't know what's more captivating to me.... the fact that they're all wearing a shade of orange or that they make orange shirts look good. Honestly, I have never seen orange look well on a person, 2D or not.

Being the Primo fan I am, I couldn't stop laughing when I watched this xDDD Heck, I'm still wiping tears. The video parodies made by this user are epic. The Primo scene is  0:31~0:36

And this is equally epic made by the same user:


And I've actually had time to spend on my guilty pleasure known as Hetalia =D
The DVD box sets for Seasons 1 & 2 cost $40 (including S&H).... but I want to wait until AX11 so I may get a better deal at the convention center.

Needless to say, it would be one of the few instances where I make a point to find fanart (I usually prefer mainstream company posters/art)

I'm not even Catholic, why do I bother? But, but, but THESE ARE SO PRETTY. I'm still trying to find one where it has the brothers and behind them are a set of black angel wings. I've seen it but I CAN'T FIND IT. (|||OTL)

<=== It always makes me wonder why N. Italy always looks much more pained than his older brother S. Italy {Romano}

^^^ An oddly cold image -- this isn't my personal favorite due to the coldness but it falls under the religion category that I like

<== This is downright adorable... two brothers spending time together =D (Occasionally makes me wish I had a sibling)


Ah, I better get back to finishing my Intent to Register at UCLA....

And to the lovely reidluver , can we still be friends even though I won't be moving near your school anytime soon? TT__TT
It would have been awesome if that had turned out~!

[P.S.-- Good luck with your finals~!]

Upload Splat

Umm, found a couple of things that I've made over the past couple of weeks... icons.... mostly... You've probably seem me use most of these icons though.. I found like a few that I haven't used yet... mostly Hetalia though.
~Credit if You Use Please!~
001 002 003
004 005 006
007 008 009
010 011 012

013 014 015

Yeah, hope they were good? A few didn't turn out quite like I had hoped since since 'stroke' isn't working on my PS5. Although, now that I look at it, it looks okay like this too.


Forever Busy It Seems

Graduation, College, Acceptance letters, Rejection letters, Traumatic essay writings, scholarships, financial panicking, and did I mention Graduation???

Oh my god, all I want to do at the moment is just to curl up and type some nice fanfiction (gave up on free-reading a long time ago -- I never seem to have time anymore ... plus that To Be Read book list is getting ever longer and the pile ever higher)

So I'm about a month away from deciding where I want to go but I have a basic idea already. My first choice appears to be UC Los Angeles and if that doesn't work out then I'll maybe try for Seattle University. However, my first choice seems to be progressing smoothly at the moment. Despite the fun hullabaloo of the East Coast, I'm really not too into moving all the way to the other side of the States.

I'm a little bit depressed about leaving Japan Club because we've finally been able to hype it up to at least a respectable level (not just a bunch of anime obsessed weirdos meeting together) but oh well... I can still help out my kouhai's after graduating. There are only three more meetings left -- *SOB*  ( TT A TT )

Also, did I mention that I'm slightly peeved about our efforts at tsunami relief? I really think they should take us seriously. We've been contacting the admin at our school within a week of the tsunami occurring asking for permission to fundraiser and bring awareness to the situation but our only response was putting us off and "they don't really need help at the moment". However, a couple more weeks down the line, one of the social studies teachers finally thinks "hey, maybe we should help?" (don't get me wrong, I love her, just not the system at the moment) and asks the SAME question, calling for the SAME fundraising to go on. She gets their attention almost immediately and Japan Club gets the e-mail that we should be helping....


<=== Nice fanart. Kinda wished Japan Club's authority was a little more extreme

<== Don't know if I've posted this but I'm too lazy to check atm OTL

Well that's all for now. I pray that I get to fanfiction writing soon, but there's still another ominous pile of scholarships to complete.



Writer's Block: It must be love

Do you remember your first crush? Did you ever tell that person about your feelings?

Ahaha, funny story actually....

I've always been out-of-touch with love. When I watch shows about that ditzy person who's either so driven for one person that s/he misses the "real" love or like totally doesn't understand what's going on.... Yeah... that would be me.

My first and my only ever crush was a boy named Wilson (a lengthy duration of kindergarten to 5th grade). No, I never did tell him my feelings but in retrospect... he may have had some clue (I know my other girl and guy friends knew *facepalm* Not exactly subtle was I? OTL)

But aside from that.... there was Daniel and Rowan...it took 2 years after they left my school that other people told me they had at some point crushed on me (I still don't think that's true....). Others only based this claim on 2 random facts:
  1. Daniel went to the dentist but instead of getting candy, he took a bracelet and gave it to me the day after.... (I found it too in my jewelry box the other day, now that I think about it)
  2. Rowan invited all the boys in class and me to his birthday party (What? I did get along with boys better... at least they played actual ball games rather than chat!)
Greatest irony of my life at this point? I went to an all girls' HS -- which is probably the best thing that could have happened. Quite fun really XD.... however, the number of male acquaintances I know has now dropped to zero (partly because I busy myself with work OTL)

And now romance to me is an alien concept. I miss just about every innuendo well, I never understood them anyway and am not interested in any topic related to love. It makes me laugh, shake my head, and say "oh silly you!" but not much more.

I have actually been asked by several of my peers -- who are convinced that I'm just an asexually reproducing humanoid plant creature -- if I want to get married.... actually yes.... just not any time soon. My love is for studies (*cough* and anime*cough*) at the moment.
<== I found this a while back but I really like it =D

New Age

Holy cow, talk about embracing the new age.... I mean I can understand Vocaloid pulling this off because none of their singers are actually real people but... still. Wouldn't this be the equivalent of those holograms that everybody's harping for? I just really want the glowing leeks... nothing much  XD

This is a particularly cute onstage Miku:

Dang Miku, talk about bringing people together~ Loving it! 


O.o Dating Game? This ain't new

Youtube-ing as usual in an attempt to find songs to do HW with and I stumbled upon.... this..  It's gives off that dating game aura (which I'm pretty sure it is, or something) and has a copious plethora of pink and sparkles..... Horrifyingly enough, the music is saccharinely intoxicating... I just listened to the video 5 times.... OTL

I have this look on my face that's a bizarre mix of:  =D + XD + O_o + O_O

Wait, WTH.... I just realized that きしめん means "noodles". I'm going to go back and really listen to what the song is about now

*relistens & pulls out dictionary/translator to help* .... Noodles has nothing to do with this!?!? It's dakishime.... Yay, for bubbly dating love songs that make little sense

Wow. Somehow the image of Xanxus with pink is really wrong and funny at the same time xD. Oddly fitting for Belphegor though... 

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