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New Plans

Okay, screw the bi-weekly post idea. It ain't gonna work. Changing it to at least once a week. Anyway, things have kinda settled down here (had an epic mood swing in the morning.... didn't even know I HAD mood swings till that moment...). I've gotten a start on the Japanese Katakana practice sheets a moment ago but since cropping demo images and converting to PDF files (since MS doesn't always work for everybody)  usually takes a while, it'll be at least a couple hours before I get the first ones posted. Plus, I'll be doing HW at the same time ("kids, don't try this at home or college, especially college") which will add to the timely fun.

Did I mention I'm learning Italian? No? Well, now you know (:D)

Every time I see a fanfiction notice in my e-mail inbox I feel so BAD. (OAO) People always favorite or put me on alert and I'm just sitting there going "aw crap, I still have that unfinished chapter on Word" but story writing for me is extremely time consuming. (I've also fallen behind on reading KHR, which is primarily my fanfiction foundation for TRAT and CM)  I have no idea how people manage to crank out chapter after chapter. I think it may be something to do with the mindset of "if I plan on posting it better be a good 13+ page masterpiece rather than 4 page crap", but I think some of my readers appreciate it... I hope. DX

Fun trivia on Fanfictions about me:
  • The minimum page goal I set for Clam's Much is 10
  • The minimum page goal I set for To Reach Across time is 13
  • Oneshot's minimum page goal is 6
on Microsoft word, of course =)

Ciao a tutti~!


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Oct. 27th, 2011 06:38 am (UTC)
XD Yeah, biweekly is pretty difficult. It's a great goal though...but I feel like the time I would spend coming up with a post is spent catching up on one's own inbox. XD

Oh lemme tell ya dear—college gives you mood swings, so welcome to the club! ;P

If you find the secret of being able to crank out chapter after chapter I would love to hear it. ^^; I understand what you mean about feeling guilty...so I'm not judging you! much XD
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