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I really want to finish the stroke order worksheets because that's one of the easiest things to do. Sadly, I can't find the link I saved that massively compiled the stroke order images. Blame it on the fact that I didn't transfer all my bookmarks into my new computer. Yeesh! It may take longer to upload now since I need to individually search up each character... which I suddenly realize is quite a massive pain. To be frank, I never thought it would be THIS hard, but meh, oh well, I'll do that later after homework and what not the various necessities of college.

Was jolted out of bed yesterday? Night before yesterday? by a rogue fire alarm. No, we learned soon after, it wasn't a fire drill (AT 12:25 AM NO LESS) but rather someone most likely pulled it and set it off. I shall remain silent on the issue. If you happened to see my Facebook status, let's say I was not pleased....

Oh and reidluver, I updated the worksheets and made some flashcard sets for Italian that I thought you may like since I prepped them for my Italian quiz. I originally set it on private so I wouldn't get lag when I was studying, but we don't need it too much at the moment, since we'll be covering a new section tomorrow. I PM'd the link to ya~ <3

I have another Alzheimer's awareness club meeting today. I really want to go into research and public speaking via the group. I think it's a nice approach to the problem. College is so big, I still kind of have no idea where to start, haha.

Speaking of which, I need more friends.

Clarification: More friends who understand the idea of good, clean, fun. I had so many such friends in high school. Some of my new college peeps fit the "party in college" stereotype too well and it's annoying to have to close my door and blast music to cancel out the noise just to study (although I do appreciate the occasional music that flares up every now and then). I don't know if I'm happy or not, being in a single.

Well, I do know that it gives me a nice peace of mind, so I'll go with quite happy. =)'

Ciao a tutti~


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Oct. 27th, 2011 06:42 am (UTC)
Oh yay! I got mentioned! :D *feels special* And yes, those flashcards are so awesome! Thank you so much again. *bows* And I'll certainly go and look at those worksheets! I'm totally using them to practice. :) Haven't been able to do much yet, but I'm working on doing more. Thank you so much!!

Ooo, that sounds like an interesting thing to be a part of! :) Lemme know more about how it turns out, 'kay? I also totally know what you mean about the whole "needing new friends" deal. It's really hard in college to make new friends. My suggestion would be to try and get study partners and the like or a study group, though suggesting it this late in the semester probably won't do much good. ^^; I also have a number of friends from my science fiction/fantasy/anime group so that helps, as well as the people in my church single's ward. Best of luck to you!
Oct. 27th, 2011 06:54 am (UTC)
LOL, I'm sorry but your legion of replies totally cracked me up XDD My smartphone just started beeping successively as my e-mail notifications rolled in. But it's not all that distracting mostly because I'm just getting ready to bed XD but that also means this will be a really long post XD

Glad you enjoyed the flashcards~! And more or less, my Spanish quirks are straightening themselves out I still say "dos" instead of "due" though OTL. If you want, I could always offer my notes? =)

Weather? It's like bipolar here. Yesterday was cloudy and drizzling but today was quite.... sunny with a slightly chilly wind O.o I wonder what it will be like tomorrow~

Idk, right now I have a steady count of like... almost 10 consistent friends? Suitemates are warming up, but we're so different! (More like I'm the oddball out of a total of 5 girls, oh well)

Lastly, translating lyrics isn't TOO bad. It keeps one's language cogs running. I recommend Translatelyrics.com. I usually use it to keep my Spanish up to date =)

Mood swings? Well, we DID have another random person pull the fire alarm for our dorm at 2am. Not too pleased.... although the story of my "brave escape" was quite amusing.

Hope college is fun~ <3

Oct. 28th, 2011 04:21 am (UTC)
They did? XD Well that's awesome! I'm so glad I was able to entertain you. Yay for long posts!

Oh—I guess so, thanks! :) But only if you take notes on a computer—I would feel bad if you had to go through all the trouble of typing things up! ^^; I figure you're busy enough as it is. Heh, oh bipolar weather, isn't it great? How was the weather today?

Ooo...can I hear the story of this brave escape? :D Sounds quite intriguing. And weird—I have a friend who's having issues with her fire alarm as well, with RAs testing it too early in the morning. Strange. But I suppose sometimes fire alarm stories can be interesting.

College is fun—just so hard not to stretch yourself because there are so many great and awesome things to do! So many opportunities I don't know which ones to do when. XD

Love ya! ♥
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