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Counting the Days

Yup. I can't believe I'm already counting the days till I take break~ Phoo!
Only ones I  can look forward to are November 11th and 24th~27th weekend.

Granted I won't be able to meet my parents until the 25th at the latest because my mother's coming back from Taiwan then. But I can wait, plus she'll have news on my favorite cousins!

And I still have 2 more midterms. Granted Italian isn't TOO hard so long as I study and Asian American Studies.....well.... it isn't hard AT ALL, but I'm just a tad behind on the readings. I should catch up on that tomorrow. Lots of community narratives which makes it a fun read but really.... 200+ pages per 2 class days is a lot.

Looking forward to November 22, which
is when my pre-ordered limited edition copy of
Hetalia: Paint it White! will be shipping =)

I'm also quite happy that my mom agreed to let me
spend money on getting Adobe X Pro. I can have total
control over what doc files I can turn into a PDF~
No more middle-man online programs!

A group of JAC (Japanese Anime Club) members and myself sorta kinda branched off to create the Jpop Dance group (we totally plan on getting a cooling name later). First meeting is planned to be Friday between 7~9pm. I hope it goes well? What I really want is to flashmob the 'Bad Apple' dance at the plaza. I'm not sure about the rest of the guys/gals, but HECK YEA I'm all for this.

Buona Notte~


Oct. 28th, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
Yay for break! :) In college it is very much needed. Sorry you don't get to see your mom until later, but news of cousins is a treat! Best of luck on your midterms! And ug—reading the material in college is half the battle. XD So much reading!

I wish I could go to your dance...;A; It would be awesome!