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It's always a tad unsettling to log in again and find lines upon lines of people posting spam on your blog.

Anyway, I'm only here to update a few links. The ratio of me being on a website is directly related to the the websites tendency of logging me out. As such, I typically am found in and around Tumblr and Fanfiction (yes, they have a new interface that doesn't log you out) Wow.

If you're on tumblr you probably recognize me from posting lengthy character analyses on KHReborn! and if you're a constant resident of the KHR fanfiction world and have been for a few years now, you'll know me as "Hey! It's that writer who finally got off her lazy bum to finish her stories!"


Basically I'm just here to update links and selfish promotion.


Tumblr: kitsunefreak.tumblr.com